Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yamaha Mio Soul Bermesin Thailand

Low rider fever (LR) began the Sumatra. Yamaha Mio Soul 2008 production from the property Emil Jambi this example. He was willing skubek berlambang garputalanya dipermak. Penggarapannya not ubahnya most of the LR have been done in Java. Yamaha Mio Soul 2009

Emil memercayakan process to pemodifikasi Budi "Big" Rahmanto from Old Pisangan, East Jakarta. The point, Emil motornya want to remain comfortable ditungganginya.

As pemodifikasi, Big is the problem in establishing LR, which is located on the wheel of justice. His specialty is the LR velg wide adoption and retreat behind the wheel. "If a flashlight can not 'running dog,'" said the Big bongsor well.

Lock the motor does not "running dog" (romp front and rear wheels) located on the engine mounting machine or holder. "Engine mounting constrained not straight, slightly shifted to the left as far as 6 cm and the length of the holder about 25 cm engine. Bushing engine mounting still use a natural, "said Budi.

Dimundurkannya holder for engine placement is as far back velg using the Suzuki Jimny car velg crickets (LJ 40). Position offset wheel would not want to come to change. "The position of fingers is also quite involved in digeser, adjusted to offset the holder. In addition, in order to cover the CVT in mentok not to ban, "said Budi.

Because the back is velg wide, wide front also must also. Budi fasten owned 2000 Toyota Corona Absolute cc. Use of the wheel rim superlebar the need to change the terms of the three down, left and right Suspensi raiser and top. "More than 6 cm wide version ever. Therefore divided each 3 cm to the left and right as the wheels, the new line can be, "Budi call.

This modification gives a chain effect change. In fact, the position of head menyundul cylindrical tank volume to 4 liters of it. "Therefore, the tank must dipapas adjust, but the capacity is reduced about 1 liter," he added.

Budi Suspensi standard is also not considered suitable to withstand the weight of Mio is that gambot. So, replace it with a brand YSS type of racing. Kekerasannya, says Budi, dimaksimalkan and lower holder must be modified. So also the holder on the frame, it must be because they do not dicoak Suspensi accordance with this variation.

Emil really do not want to have a Mio Soul dimofikasi only beautiful in appearance. He also wanted to gahar engines. Capacity of the standard engine in the 113 cc Bore-up with a way to replace the original engine block with a Thailand-made aftermarket with 155 cc. "Eon brand holder and fit, live setting in the corner of the cylinder head squish," Budi close. (Hend)