Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Honda Hunk modified

honda hunk is sport motorcycle engined with injection system.Also not yet complete rumor concerning attendance Yamaha FZ150 new news now appears a matter of Honda motor sport. Honda Hunk recently launched in India planned to be produced by AHM. there is no news concerning the official name of this but, of course, gossip spreads fast.

Honda Hunk a 150cc engine with a power that is able to give out 14.2 hp at 8500rpm and maximum 12.8 Nm torsi at 6500rpm. Engine is not equipped with a radiator, with enough cooling air. Shock reducer monosok not use the back (as usual, Honda lohh gitu ...), there is little consolation to the adjuster features kejutnya reducer. At the rear wheel is not equipped with the Tiger disc back the withdrawal REVO. Matter of a little body like Tiger REVO with the fin in the tank that gives a little impression sangar. Coconut shell lamp before using the withdrawal Pulsar and Apache. Bodi a shorter rear wheels give the impression of "bantet." There is an impression on the Pulsar spakbor back to the aft of the rear.

In Indonesia it is reported this will be a motor injection technology. Hmm, 150cc injection, who else will be in addition to V-Ixion? Matter of capacity, which is most relevant to the position is digeser Megapro. Megapro problem engine capacity greater than that gampanglah, yet the fact is that the performance 10cc is not too significant difference. Even with further development can overcome the larger capacity. Body is a matter of using the body say Hunk, but no reduction of features that are not too important as Sari Guard attached to the left of the motor function to protect users sari. This feature is not too useful so I would be like Pulsar here.

Concerning ammunition that will be used for the Pulsar? Hunk actually do not have the features that stand out. Minus engine radiator less obvious features of the engine V-Ixion that is perpendingin water. Also a matter of not using the framework of the Deltabox ala V-Ixion, clearly more and more less with V-Ixion. Shock reducer? Again defeated, though already have adjustable features, but more people like monosok.

AHM seems to work better for Hunk polish here and there in order to be eligible for the V-Ixion. In fact there are Pulsar and Apache that has the same class, but both gempuran still not too big though should be recognized in the big city Pulsar has a good sale. Engine problem need to get more attention. The addition of the radiator when it is necessary contend with serious V-Ixion. Sokbreker back also need to be replaced with monosok remember the people now want more than just quasi-ganda (although the feature adjuster).