Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Honda V4 Concept Tanpa Jari-jari dan Rem

Honda V4 Concept
Honda Motor, motor show concept that surprise on the Motorcycles Intermot Cologne, Germany which runs from 7 - 12 this October. Product is an interesting concept called v4.

Unique and beautiful appearance. Both rodanya no longer use the fingers that integrates conventional drum or on the steering wheel. But the five-vane that mengantung.

Ban also did not appear. All wrapped with mulus by the body to touch the surface. Consequently, front forks and rear sokbreker also does not appear.

They rather "street". It is visible from the ornaments are placed on the "fairing" that is designed like a horn. The position also oranamen is disejajarkan the end of the handlebar grip or pengangan rider. Sensational!

Birthday to-60
With such, spectators wonder, how do I run this motor? Likewise if you want to menggerem because there are no brakes. Therefore many of the rate, v4 is only a marketing straregi. Hallucination!

Curiosity of the visitors on the v4 is by Mark Davies, Honda Europe boss when journalists serve in standnya. "Motor shows what we can do. Will become a reality in a few more years, "yakinnya.

Honda Motor Corporation in rilisnya said, v4 Concept designed and exhibited the desire to know the lover or motor biker. By making such a motor, simply arise the various comments and the desire of the biker. Another message was delivered to Honda through v4 are up for re kemasyuran Honda v4 engine with oval piston diperkenal that thirty years ago.

"The presence of this motor to celebrate birthdays Honda to-60 as a company. Celebrating 50 years-to join Honda in the race arena, "said Honda. Therefore also, in this exhibition, a theme that carried Honda is "The New Beginning". To welcome a new beginning in 2009.

According to Honda, the concept of v4 is the intention of experts to capture their global trends. The biker is now no longer see the motor aspects of technology and sheer technique. They also see the emotional value. Therefore, this motor's are preferred rather than performance. For Honda, the form of specification numbers, does not mean terlau again.

Honda also want the motorcycle rider to be more easy to use products. Therefore also, in human sensitivity Honda votes more important. So also with the safety and the environment. "Motor market is saturated," the explanation Honda.

Honda believes, the challenge to create attractive products and more focus on appearance is the key to their success in the future. At the same time, technology, safety and environment, will be an important theme for the development of a new motor. Because of that, displaying products in the future, Honda focused on the suitability of men and machines.

CBF 125
Concept v4 addition, one more product on display and be interesting for the fans in the land of Honda CBF 125 is water. Honda not include its own complete data this motor. However, based on the search Kompas.com, CBF is already marketed in India and called CBF Stunner. In the country, this bike is sold at Rs 53,750 or Rp 10,750,000. Of very interesting if Honda Indonesia memasarkannya here, at least more and more consumer choice. In addition, consumers begin berbebek bored ria!