Saturday, September 12, 2009

Racy S4, S5 and R8 High-tech Audi power 3 times

 The 2010 S4 sedan, based on the refreshed 2009 A4, ditches the previous S4's 340 hp 4.2 L V8 for a more efficient 333 hp 3.0 L supercharged V6. It's a free revving unit that develops a healthy 325 lb.-ft. from 2,900 to 5,300 r.p.m. I do miss the old car's sonorous V8 soundtrack, but I don't miss its front-heavy disposition.
This 2010 S4 feels much lighter
on its feet and is less prone to understeer, thanks to the marginally lighter engine, 60 per cent default rear-bias quattro drive and a repositioning of the front wheels and clutch, allowing the V6 to sit farther back in the chassis.
The S4 Avant (wagon) is no longer available in North America, which is a disappointment for family types who might want to spice up their domestic existence.
The base six-speed manual 2010 S4 starts at $52,500, which is close to $20,000 less than the 2008 S4 (there was no 2009 model). This puts it in line with the $51,500 300 hp BMW 335i xDrive. If, however, you want to throw extra money at your S4, Audi has a bucket of new tech available