Monday, April 4, 2011

127 Car Crashed in Dubai-Abu Dhabi Highway

127 Car Crashed in Dubai-Abu Dhabi Highway When the pileup usually involve only a few cars only, or at least a dozen cars, in Abu Dhabi, Dubai occurred a tremendous pileup involving 127 cars at once. The unfortunate event took place last weekend and involved 127 cars. However unique, although involving many cars, the accident caused only one person died and more than 60 people were injured, 9 of them critically. Drivers and witnesses said heavy fog that morning suspected to be the main reason for accidents. 127 Car Crashed in Dubai-Abu Dhabi Highway

Police said the accident that caused hundreds of vehicles that occurred up to two kilometers in length. According to them, most of the cars involved in collisions seen each other in the event of accidents pile up because they're driving an average of 120 km per hour, despite the low visibility conditions, less than 50 meters. Police cleared most of the vehicles from the accident scene within hours. "It was horrible to see the cars run a lot with very high speeds despite reduced visibility to only five meters," I was a rider like detikOto quotes from Gulf News on Monday (04/04/2011).

"I saw many ambulances and firefighters rushed to the site. I appreciate the efforts by emergency teams of Abu Dhabi and their crisis management," said rider named Sunil Jacob.
"I am very lucky to have avoided. I'm driving behind a bus. I drive 15 yards when I heard a loud explosion and turned out of the track just in time to avoid collision," explained the rider named Venkatesh Mahadevan.