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The convertible one of BMW 6-Series in the open air offers the recreation with an elegant, dividing two-door, deux-plus-deux soft-top the allowance of the places of the half-compartment 6-Series. Actuated by same the 360 V8 liter from BMW 4.8 of powers in horses, with three choices of transmission, good the power and exceptional handling make him a feast for escapes from weekend to curve mountain roads. The interior quality of luxury and the wide list of tricks and instruments are the things whose desire is made.

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The engine of V8 is the only available one on the 6-Series. With 360 powers in horses and 360 deliver-feet of couple, the car is able execution of the zero secondary-six-second with 60, more quickly than the roadster Z4. Stop-begin the system is available, which turned off the engine with the lights of stop, reducing emissions and improving mileage above the 19 typical miles per gallon.

BMW 'gear box manual sequential new six-speed of S is standard, with the operation of clutch and the electronic choice speed in what is primarily a manual reducer of transmission. Criticisms were not eulogistic execution of this innovation of first generation, finding its choice variable speed in the normal drive. The automatic transmission of Steptronic optional six-speed will improve the costume the majority of the drivers, and a manual transmission six-speed is also available.

To name 6-Series was regenerated for 2008 and the convertible one is, if one can say, prettier than the half-compartment. The soft-top is particularly gracious, with the ailerons postpones ordered each side of the back window out of glass which point out traditional Ferrari. The back window can be open really right like a side opening for a sun-shaded, but fresh order. In the not very probable event of an additional accident, the bread circles of back are spread to protect from the passengers.

On the interior, the front driver and passenger will be completely comfortable and the seats of support of sports are a good choice for the sharp drive. However, the back seats, although completely comfortable, are limited enough for larger adults.

The space of trunk is approximately average for the half-compartments of intermediate size, although less space is available when the top is folded and fastened. However, the back seats yield downwards to provide a convenient rack of luggage behind the front seats.

The majority of the contacts of luxury are standard on the 6-Series, including the tapestry of furnishing out of leather, the ordering of climate of duel-zone, audio system of eight-high-speaker, automatic-darkening mirrors, and adaptive xenon headlights. The optional package of sport improves the seats, the wheels and the tires for the owner more directed towards the performance. The sharp options include BMW 'posting innovating of windshield of head-towards the top of S, orders cruising radar-controlled, a screen of night-vision, a navigation, satellite radio and with high-definition, and seats before heating.

An important aspect of all this technology is that all, of acoustics to ventilation is ordered by the system iDrive of BMW of simple-button. The opinions differ largely on this system, even with recent improvements. Young people, computer-intuitive, criticisms do not find any problem controlling the system, whereas more traditional critics complain about the five or six separate actions requested to make a simple task like the change a channel by radio.

As with any other BMWs in the current line, the safety devices are extended, including the front air bags with several stages, the bags with air of side-impact assembled by front seat, ABS with the assistance of brake and the distribution of brake-force, of the monitors of tire-pressure, and the kit of first aid fully-equipped which was always packed in trunks of BMW. BMW 'system of telematics of assistance of S with the automatic opinion of collision and S.O.S button themselves.

Update 2008

The updated large tourer now comprises the active head-rests, which ensure protection against the whiplash injury. BMW also added the signals of turn before LED and replaced all the rear lights and signals of turn of tail by units of LED.

Just as typical for an update of semi-cycle, the model 2008 updated the stops back and front. The additional light of brake is now integrated in the lip of spoiler. A series of new wheels conceives and the interior colors/materials are available.

The tapestry of leather furnishing can now be ordered with the technology of SunReflective in the convertible version. This device reduces the overheating of surfaces of seat when the car is open, providing a difference in the temperatures compared with conventional leather of the �F up to the 36 in the case of dark colors.