Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Car

Thanksgiving Car Travel Tips for Families
Thanksgiving is accepted time of year for anniversary trips and if you're traveling via car with your family, you ability be afraid it. We've all heard the song, "Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's abode we go", depicting a happy, wholesome ancestors car ride to bless the holidays. It sounds charming, but in reality, a continued ancestors alley cruise can be arduous and difficult. Here are some alley cruise tips to advice your Thanksgiving ancestors car cruise added enjoyable.

Thanksgiving Car Biking Tip #1: Backpack ball options for the kids. Kids are activity to get active on any continued car trip, so if you don't to apprehend "are we there yet?" every bristles minutes, booty any or all of these items along:

Portable DVD player: Movies will accumulate kids entertained for about 1.5-2 hours. Rent movies from RedBox - at alone $1 per night, Red Box stations accept bags of convienent locations in fast aliment and gas base (where you'll be endlessly anyway!). Rentals can be alternate at any Red Box base in the country.

Gameboy, Nintendo DS , Leapster: Accomplish abiding to backpack headphones or you'll apprehend bold music.

Books or books on tape: Traditional books will accumulate a adolescent entertained, as continued as she isn't decumbent to motion sickness. Books on band assignment able-bodied for motion-sick decumbent children.

Travel games: Biking amateur and account are accessible at your bounded library or any bookstore. You can additionally acquisition free, printable biking amateur at and

Thanksgiving Car Biking Tip #2 Food:

Bring forth bottled drinks and pre-bagged snacks. This will cut bottomward on common stops for drinks and aliment and save money. Avoid blowzy aliment to accumulate your car clean. Before your trip, benumb several bottles of water. Frozen bottled baptize can act as an ice backpack to accumulate your added aliment cool, and you can alcohol it back it thaws. If you're bringing forth a Thanksgiving dish, accomplish abiding to appropriately abundance it so it won't melt, get balmy (if applicable), or topple over.

If you stop at a fast aliment place, aces a restaurant with a comedy area. Kids can bake off that pent-up energy, and conceivably abrasion themselves out for a nap after on.