Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pria di wajah wanita

In the class today there was speak about the difference between erotic, or simply attractive, the installations for males and the females. While making research for my last paper about the glance male I fix found this test very interesting of Web which compares really images of the women and the men in typical publicity poses. The test itself concentrates most of the time on the manner that females are posed compared to the viewer of the advertisement, and which part of the woman the camera can be focused above or underline. But the test also makes a remark about the difference which exists between the men in manner and of the women are depicted, and the images of the men in the installations which are typically female, theerotic were very seizing with me.

If the matter of the representation in publicity is interesting for you, I would recommend announce siteGender. This site compiled many images of publicity of the two males and females, and put them in the categories to analyze the representation of the kinds. It is worth to note that there is much more on there approximately the sexualization of the females that the sexualization of the males, and this turns over to a question which I think was asked today but never really answered. How males sexualized by images in the media? Which representation of the men is erotic? Is this the image of Fabio which the sugar spice wrote about an good example of this? (personally, I always found this image of Fabio to be ridiculous and at all sexy, but it is right my opinion.) It seems as each one always speaks about the representation of the females, and while I think this occurs because there is just much more sexualization of the females than of the males in the traditional images, it remains much which could be known as about the sexualization of the males.