Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Foto Funny Mobil Listrik from Honda- Honda EV-N

Mobil Listrik Lucu dari Honda ,Honda EV-N-If most of the manufacturers are always out their concept cars in the
elegant appearance, sporty and modern, it was trying digebrak by Honda.

For the second-largest manufacturer in Japan it plans to issue one of their concept electric car with a funny face and the impression is very strong retro that they named Honda EV-N concept.

Cub having a certain model car is expected to be filled one corner booth in the arena Honda Tokyo Motor Show (TMC) which will be held on October 24 to November 4.

Honda EV-N concept will be coupled with the Honda FCX Clarity at a Honda corner booth.

And when we see the appearance of the Honda EV-N concept is, impression aka retro jadul already well reflected by a strong impression that arise cute hood applications thanks to the flat and the head lamp lights that tend to round.

With this performance, Honda EV-N concept could be said to be electric cars the most unique of all the electric cars ever introduced. This appearance was found also reminds us look like a Morris Mini jadul used character Mr Bean.