Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Honda CB Anyar,HONDA CB BARU-An automotive exhibition like Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) seems indeed
properly utilized by automobile manufacturers from Japan, Honda Motor Co..

Because in addition to displaying a variety of cars with the latest innovations, Honda was also
will display the motors their concept is one of CB1100.

In the TMS to be held on 24 October to November 4, Honda plans to show two models CB1100, the first is a capacity of 1100 cc motorcycle that reportedly will soon be mass produced soon.

While the other is that the CB 100 motorcycle concept
customizable product that will CB1100 they named Concept Customize CB1100.

As quoted from the official site Honda, Thursday (1/10/2009), this model Honda apparently claimed as a new generation of motors filled with creativity and dreams that can create new value that expresses all the potential
there on a motorbike.