Monday, September 28, 2009

New Husqvarna gets new R&D facility

What is  husqvarna-1

The Husqvarna brand will enter a new phase of life under the BMW group as the German automaker’s fourth brand. There’s even a new Husqvarna section in BMW’s Pressclub site alongside the BMW, MINI and Motorrad brands now. We’ll probably see much more from them from now on – the first step is to develop new appealing products, right?

It recently opened a new R&D and administrative building, which will provide product development with the best possible support and permit optimum integration of all the functional units involved in the manufacturing processes for the entire range of Husqvarna products.


The new building has three floors and has been built as an addition to the company’s head office at Via Nino Bixio 8. The ground floor houses the engine R&D department and roller dyno facilities, along with the prototype workshop, the racing division and a technical training centre.

The first floor is where the R&D department is located, although the purchasing and market research departments are also on this floor. This is intentional – the people from all three departments have to meet often to meet a balance between functionality, quality and cost, both within the company and with suppliers.

The building is also ‘green’ in the sense htat energy for the hot water supply is provided by the solar panels fitted to the building’s roof. This is all part of BMW’s EfficientDynamics plan. There is also a public area in the front of the new building which has a Husqvarna showroom.