Monday, September 28, 2009

Now Available From Naza Toyota Estima Hybrid

  Naza Toyota Estima Hybrid
toyota estima photos

There are currently alone two car companies alms amalgam models clearly actuality in Malaysia – Toyota and Honda. Despite the acute catechism of whether Malaysian technicians can advance a complicated amalgam vehicle, the blah importers accept started bringing them in afterwards architect support.

Naza is calmly the better blah acceptation amateur in Malaysia, acknowledgment to them captivation the better block of Open APs in Malaysia. This 2008 archetypal Toyota Estima Amalgam is currently activity for RM 268,000 including a 1 year assurance and the one you see actuality in these photos has already been sold.

Toyota Estima Hybrid‘

This is the additional bearing Estima Amalgam featuring Toyota’s THS-II system. It’s based on a 2.4 liter gasoline agent akin to electric motors which reminds you of the Lexus HS250h and the Camry Amalgam but the accomplishing actuality is altered – added than the accepted advanced arbor motor, there is a motor on the rear arbor as well, finer axis this into an all-wheel drive vehicle, appropriately the E-Four brand on the rear.

Much like the Camry Hybrid, the 2.4 liter agent is an Atkinson aeon variant, absolutely altered from the one you can acquisition in a accustomed Camry 2.4. The gasoline agent itself puts out 150 PS and 190Nm of torque. The advanced electric motor produces 105 PS and 270Nm of torque and goes through a 2.478 abridgement gear. The rear motor is of a beneath able alternative – 50 PS and 130Nm.

All systems can assignment calm to aftermath a aiguille ability of 190 PS. It’s not baking as the agent is large. 0 to 100km/h takes 10.8 seconds. Under the 10-15 Japanese analysis cycle, the Estima Amalgam can accomplish 20km per liter.

There is alike an bankrupt calefaction accretion arrangement to balance thermal activity from the bankrupt and use it to calefaction agent coolant. This helps abate agent countdown time, which enables the agent to shut off beforehand back dabbling (for EV or auto start-stop functions).

Toyota Estima Hybrid

We got to drive the Estima Amalgam about abit, admitting you could hardly alarm it a analysis drive that could aftermath any affectionate of appraisal as it was alone about the Naza Automall carpark abutting to the Federal highway. All I can say is I adulation those Alcantara aggregate seats that this accurate archetypal has!

Like the Prius, the Estima Amalgam has a zero-emissions EV approach so you can drive about your neighbourhood, in a jam, or in a parking lot alone on the motor and NiMH batteries with the agent angry off. The Estima Amalgam was not as quiet in EV approach as the Prius. This is because with such a ample autogenous and the abounding air conditioning vents appropriate to air-conditioned it down, you consistently apprehend the air conditioner working. It didn’t advice that it was such a hot day – I could not blow my E30’s council for a abbreviate aeon of time already I got into my car to leave the place.

Various new beat indicators attack to explain to you what’s activity on but it’s all in Japanese so I didn’t accept at first, but afterwards active about a little you can appealing abundant assumption which one tells you the array akin and etc.

Look afterwards the jump for a few photos I airtight of the Estima Hybrid.