Sunday, September 27, 2009

REVIEW GMC Terrain 2010

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super GMC Terrain 2010,  Although the 2010 GMC Terrain is not the "Professional Grade" Division's first unit-body-type crossover model (that would be the Acadia), it's fair to say there's skepticism surrounding its launch. It comes with a four-cylinder engine after all.
Chiseled fender flares give it a more truck-like, less grocery-getter appearance than the Chevrolet Equinox or Saturn Vue, though. Apart from that, it's just a useful compact SUV. Its five-passenger cabin is spacious, and even with electric-assist power steering, the Terrain's handling is crisp.GMC Terrain 2010photo GMC Terrain 2010
And, we might even take the base four-cylinder engine over the optional V6.
you know that this car is hideous. another swing and a miss for GMC. they are trying to say "truck" with a "crossover"? well i've got news for you, first of all, there is no such thing as a crossover. crossover is just a new name for SUV, because the term SUV has lost its luster. second, if this thing is bigger than any other car in the "crossover" segment (and it is), then it should not be allowed to even carry the obviously bulls--t moniker. third, the lines on this car don't say truck, SUV, or crossover, they say "my design crew had too many chiefs and not enough indians, and now i don't know what i'm supposed to be, but i sure am ugly". now allow me a correction, when i said this car is bigger than any other car in the crossover segment, i was wrong, because for some reason GM is calling the acadia, and the traverse, crossovers. what? hardly. simply because they are unibody jumbo hatchbacks, does not make them crossovers. i've also noticed that suzuki is calling their sx4 a crossover. let's just get down to it, people, if it has two doors and a trunk, its a coupe. if its got 4 doors and a trunk, its a sedan. if it's got any number of doors, a hatchback, and the average driver can see clear over the roof while standing on solid ground, it's hatchback, or a wagon. if it is same as the before mentioned, but the average person cannot see over the top, unibody, or body on frame does not matter, it is an SUV. and if it's got a bed, it's a truck. stop with the "sportback" (a car with a nicely raked rear window is called a "fastback" and it should have 2 doors, otherwise all it is is a goofy little wagon. so stop trying to twist our nostalgic buyers impulse), "cross tourer"/"sport tourer" (touring is for vehicles with 2 wheels), "SUT", "crossover" segments. as for GMC? until they prove that they can make a decent vehicle in any segment, they should be limited to the phraseology, "this is GMC's newest thing that we make. feel free to begin forgetting that it ever existed as soon as possible".
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