Sunday, October 18, 2009

Isuzu Siap Ganti Panther

Isuzu Panther is ready to replace with a new variant to adopt the Euro 4 engines when the fuel quality in Indonesia is improving.

Because until now, the quality of diesel in Indonesia is still fairly bad. Contained sulfur content in diesel fuel, currently still fairly high, so to bring a vehicle with a machine that adopt the Euro 3 standard engine or 4 Euros is still fairly difficult.

That's because with the Euro 3 standard engine or 4 require diesel fuel quality is better than now.

"The government has a target he wants to implement the Euro 4 standards in 2012. If that's true, we are ready to take the car with a more sophisticated machine anymore," said Johannes Nagoi in Bandung, Friday (16/10/2009).

For these intentions, Nangoi feel confident can fulfill. Because out there, Isuzu engine standard average standard is already Euro 3 and Euro 4.

"We have stock for it (Euro 3 and 4), live fuel readiness," he said.

Because when forced into the car with the engine and the Euro 3 Euro 4 by Nangoi will have difficulty and will be technically very vulnerable.

"Actually, DEX can use to substitute for diesel, but the problem is not the filling DEX was still very limited," he concluded.
isuzu panther new