Friday, March 25, 2011

Motor Demak Malaysia Serbu Pasar Indonesia

Motor Demak Malaysia
Demak motorcycle exhibit at the Kemayoran 4 models namely Model DMS 110, DV 110, DIO and the last Ambassador.
24/03/2011 08:51
Malaysian Motorcycle Market Lirik Indonesia
Photographers - M Lutfi Andika
Malaysia-based motorcycle manufacturer, Demak was eager to try out wheeled two Indonesian market. They are currently seeking partners to market their motorcycle in Indonesia.Motor-Demak motorcycles are now coloring the streets of various countries in Asia starting from Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Laos, Bangladesh to India.Keberhasilan Demak present in these countries had no other due to selling price of Demak motors are very cheap that is between Rp 5.4 million to Rp 6.8 juta.Tampak one tail lamp Demak motors similar to that of Yamaha Jupiter Z Demak claimed if the bike brand is the number three best-selling brand in neighboring country under the Honda and Yamaha which he followed in the rankings after another one and dua.Di Malaysia, Demak claimed to have 2 factories, in Kuala Lumpur and Sarawak.
Motor Demak Malaysia Serbu Pasar Indonesia