Friday, March 25, 2011

Wajah Baru Supra X dan Revo

The new look Honda Supra X 125. Supra X 125 released at a price of USD $ 15.465 million on the road in Jakarta for type casting wheel and USD 14.365 million for the type of spoke wheel.
18/03/2011 10:27
New Faces Supra X and Revo

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As promised earlier, the motor manufacturer Honda launches new faces of two of their flagship motor duck, Absolute Revo and Supra X 125. With her ​​new appearance, Honda believes the two products will be increasingly accepted pasar.Untuk price affairs, the latest Wajah Baru Supra X dan Revo  dibanderol Absolute number of Rp 12 million for type rim radius (spoke wheel) and Rp 13.2 million for the second type of casting wheel.Selain types, Honda provides a new variant in this class namely low end duck Revo type Fit. For variants of this anyarnya Honda just let him go cheaply at $ 11.4 juta.Panel indicator is on this bike is also refreshed with more luggage space luas.Sedangkan for Supra X 125, Honda gave updates on the design attached to the body striping 125 cc motorcycle engine.