Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Motor Cycle Price List Jakarta : Bajaj, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha

Used Motor Cycle Price List At Jakarta : Bajaj, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha

The following is the price of used motor cycle at Jakarta (April 2009), grabbed from several sources. The price is price offered by the seller, so may can be bargained :D

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i, 2007, Price: Rp.13,000,000
Honda CBR 150R, 2006, Price: Rp.17,500,000
Honda CBR 150R, 2007,Price: Rp.27,000,000
Honda Kharisma, 2004, Price: Rp.4,800,000
Honda Kharisma, 2005, Price: Rp.6,700,000
Honda Revo, 2008, Price: Rp.9,500,000
Honda Supra Fit, 2005,Price: Rp.7,500,000
Honda Supra Fit, 2006, Price: Rp.6,500,000
Honda Supra X 125 R, 2006, Price: Rp.8,500,000
Honda Supra X 125 R, 2007, Price: Rp.8,700,000

Honda Supra X, 2002, Price: Rp.??
Honda Supra X, 2004, Price: Rp.6,200,000
Honda Tiger CW, 2007, Price: Rp.18,500,000
Honda Tiger CW, 2007, Price: Rp.18
Honda Tiger CW, 2008, Price: Rp.18,500,000
Honda Tiger, 2006,Price: Rp.12,000,000
Honda Tiger, 2008, Price: Rp.18,000,000
Honda Vario, 2007,Price: Rp.10,500,000
Honda Win 100, 2002, Price: Rp.??
Kawasaki Ninja KRR, 2004,Price: Rp.21
Kawasaki Ninja, 2007, Price: Rp.36,000,000
Kawasaki Ninja, 2008,Price: Rp.45,000,000
Suzuki New Smash SR, 2007, Price: Rp.6,000,000
Suzuki Satria 125, 2000,Price: Rp.2,250,000
Suzuki Satria F150, 2006, Price: Rp.9,800,000
Suzuki Satria F150, 2008,Price: Rp.8,500,000
Suzuki Shogun 125 SP, 2007, Price: Rp.8,000,000
Suzuki Spin 125, 2009,Price: Rp.8,500,000
Suzuki Thunder 125, 2008, Price: Rp.10,000,000
Yamaha Jupiter MX135LC CW, 2008,Price: Rp.9,500,000
Yamaha Mio Soul, 2008, Price: Rp.17,500,000
Yamaha Mio Sporty, 2008, Price: Rp.9
Yamaha Mio, 2005, Price: Rp.6,500,000
Yamaha Mio, 2006, Price: Rp.8,500,000
Yamaha New Vega R DB, 2008, Price: Rp.6,500,000
Yamaha Scorpio Z, 2006, Price: Rp.13
Yamaha V-IXION, 2007,Price: Rp.17,800,000
Yamaha V-IXION, 2008, Price: Rp.??
Yamaha V-IXION, 2009, Price: Rp.19,700,000