Saturday, October 17, 2009

Renault Megane RS Photo And Spec

Renault Megane RS Photo And Spec-As the latest in a continued bandage of Renault antic models, Renault Mégane RS stands out through its animating achievement and handling. The cocktail of its 250hp engine, apparent antic coupé accreditation and best of two anatomy ('Sport' and 'Cup' with bound blooper differential) is bright affirmation that Renault Mégane RS has been acid to action an acute ride.

Coming afterwards Mégane F1 Team R26 and Mégane R26.R, Renault Mégane RS profits absolutely from Renault Sport Technologies' all-encompassing acquaintance back it comes to accomplishment assembly antic models.


New Mégane Renault Sport is powered by a new-generation 2-litre 16-valve turbocharged petrol agent which boasts best ability of 250hp (184kW) at 5,500rpm and aiguille torque of 340Nm from 3,000rpm. The sum of the altered improvements fabricated to this agent has produced a accretion of 20hp and 40Nm over Mégane R26.R which itself emerged as the criterion in the apple of achievement hatches. The Renault Sport 2.0 T engine's twin-scroll turbo is awfully acknowledging and is decidedly adjustable at lows revs, with 80 per cent of best torque accessible from 1,900 rpm. Its ample advantageous rev bandage makes it a 18-carat joy to drive in accustomed use, and the amusement charcoal all the way up to the rev-limiter whenever it is pushed a little harder. The agent of New Mégane RS drives through a six-speed chiral gearbox.Renault Megane RS Photo And Spec

Renault Megane RS Photo And Spec