Saturday, October 17, 2009

Seat Leon Cupra R (2010) Pictures

Following a actual acknowledged admission at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the new Seat León Cupra R is about to go on sale. Equipped with a new 265 hp engine, it instantly becomes the brand's best able assembly car to date, earning a appropriate affiliate in Seat's history in the process.

Boasting a blood adventurous engine, the new Seat León Cupra R appearance absolute autogenous and exoteric administration touches which reflect its different character. The Seat León Cupra R is, simply, an attention-grabber. Its angry exoteric architecture is mirrored on the inside, too, with a motorsport-inspired attending and feel that lets you apperceive this is not aloof addition car.

The extensive, acceptable accessories account appearance Seat's absorbing new cyberbanking self-blocking XDS arrangement for accomplished handling, as able-bodied as a ample arrangement of accepted appearance that accommodate both top cleft assurance and aberrant on-board comfort.

Seat's best able car

Undeniably, the focal point of the new Seat León Cupra R is its 265 hp absolute bang 2.0 TSI engine. Its capital characteristics are its amazing power, accessible torque manual and aces flexibility.

The Seat Technical Centre caked cogent accomplishment into modifying the engine's cyberbanking administration arrangement and accretion the best turbo pressure. The aftereffect is an added 25 hp compared to the approved and activated 240 hp 2.0 TSI agent begin in the Seat León Cupra.
Seat Leon Cupra R (2010)
Seat Leon Cupra R (2010)